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Feb 12, 2005
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I love her new CD. It's a must buy for all!


Things aren’t always as they seem.

And in the upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly, R&B soulstress Alicia Keys dishes on a time when things weren’t so picture perfect.

A. Keys on her 2006 emotional breaking point as a close family member fell ill with cancer: “It made me finally stop. Nothing else was more important – no work, no costumes, no anything. I was forced to slow down, look at my life, and decide who I wanted to be. It all got very low at first because I was very depressed and I didn’t understand why.â€

A. Keys on her month-long solo trip to Egypt: “It gave me a new sense of power, freedom, creativity, and limitlessness. When I came back [to New York], I was so much more clear. I didn’t want to feel so closed and internal. I wanted to enjoy life and explore the possibilities of life. And that’s when I started doing music for this album.â€

As I Am, Alicia’s third studio album, is in stores now.