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Am I being a selfish brat?

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Mar 13, 2006
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Yesterday was my birthday. My husband had planned a little get together at Chilis for my birthday. He planned it last week. The weather ended up getting kind of yucky yesterday and the roads were a little slick. We did not have a major snow fall or anything, but it was extremely cold and wet. My husband's family ended up not wanting to come, because of the weather. My husband probably should have rescheduled it for a different day, but my best friend and her fiance were still going to come. My parents and sister, my friend and her fiance, and Daniel still ended up going. I guess I was a little offended, because I make every effort to be at every one else's birthday parties and celebrations. It seems like the one day that is supposed to be special for me seems to get ruined. I know it wasn't his family's intention, but it still bothered me. They were all out running around earlier in the day, but couldn't show up that night for my birthday? Then they were able to go out this morning and all that. I cannot control the weather and what it is going to do. I am trying to just get over it and not be upset about it. It is not something I want to be bitter about the rest of my life and there will be many other birthdays. Part of my issue I guess is that every year my birthday always gets overshadowed by Christmas. His family suggested we have a little get together to make up for it and I am fine with it, but it won't be the same. It seems like I don't get just one special day, because of all the craziness with Christmas. I don't want to be a selfish brat about it, but if they ask should I say that I was hurt and offended? I want to be mature about it and just let it go. I hate feeling this way, because I really like his family. But, I have my feelings on my shoulders about it and find it hard to just be fake and pretend like everything is okay.