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Feb 11, 2012
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Okay, I am little late for everyone to use this for Valentines Day, but it is still cute and you can use just any time LOVE is in the air!  I call this one "Lots of Love".  This design isn't too hard, but a little more advanced.  Don't be afraid to give it a try ;o)

Supplies needed:

First and always paint a coat of base coat, then paint your entire nail black...2 coats will make it look great!

Then paint a neon pink heart in the middle of your nail....let dry....

Then paint a red heart over the neon pink heart and let dry.

Then paint a black heart over the red heart and let dry.

After all layers are dry, then grab your dotting tool and put little dots at the edge of the black heart.

The in each corner of the nail, add hearts any kind of shape with any kind of tail.  I made 4 hearts. 

Grab your dotting tool and add little dots all over...or leave as decide.

After all layers are dry, add your shine marks on your hearts, this really makes them animated and almost 3-day.  Topcoat and your done!!

Thank you for reading my posting.



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