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Dec 18, 2007
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Hi, i'm newbie. I know nowadays everyone using make up items. for some people it won't suit and it react any disease like that. Some people getting more stress and body pain. you people should take Aroma bath. Aromatherapy bath oils provide nourishment to the skin. Add these bath oils to warm water so that it penetrates deep into your skin.Let us go through the following bath oils and their perceived benefits:

  • Vanilla Almond calms your mind and lets you drift away into peaceful thoughts
  • Ocean Mist stimulates good thoughts
  • Lavender Mist could relax you on a stressful day. Try it, aroma have so many types of bathing. any doubts you can ask me , i will explain you moreover this is will be useful for your future too

May 2, 2006
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welcome !!

i agree about that. i've always considered bath had to smell good lol. i don't take baths that often, but when i scrub my body, i'll just use salt and oils like coconut, olive or vanilla. it leaves your skin smooth.


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