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Feb 17, 2004
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Please join other EasyStraight users for a discussion of experiences and helpful tips. There will be a chat session held just for you at the request of Harleymom! Please show up. This is your chance to get caught up on the news and to find what works!

Time: 7-8 pm Pacific Standard Time (see chart below for time zones)

Date: Monday JULY 19th

Pacific Standard Time

California time: 7-8 PM

Phoenix: 7-8 pm

Seattle: 7-8 pm

Vancouver: 7-8 pm

Mountain Time

Denver: 8-9 pm

Edmonton: 8-9 pm

Central Time

Houston: 9-10 pm

Chicago: 9-10 pm

New Orleans: 9-10 pm

Kingston: 9-10 pm

Minneapolis: 9-10 pm

Eastern Time

Philadelphia: 10-11 pm

Atlanta: 10-11 pm

Boston: 10-11 pm


Sydney: noon-1 pm

Wellington: 2-3 pm

(BST) London: 3-4 am

(CET) Paris: 4-5 am

Honolulu: 4-5 pm

Anchorage: 6-8 pm

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