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Jun 17, 2004
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Skincare, Body

[*]Eucerin samples (UK)

[*]Coppertone Endless Summer sample (Canada)

[*]Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and Moisturizing Lotion samples. scroll down to sample request. (Canada)

[*]Kephra Skincare samples. Check " I am interested in trial sizes" box. (USA)

[*]Curel Daily Moisture Therapy Lotion sample (USA)

[*]Eucerin Lotion sample (USA/Canada)

[*]Natural Formula lotions, 6 to choose from. (USA)

[*]Vaseline Healthy Hand Essentials lotion sample (USA)

[*]Ponds Dramatic Results Age Defying Towelette sample (USA)

Dental Care

[*]Plus White toothpaste sample and coupon (USA)

[*]Free Crest SpinBrush (USA)

[*]Crest Night Effects Coupon (USA)

[*]Crest Whitening Expressions toothpaste sample (USA)

[*]Rembrandt toothpaste samples and coupons (USA)

[*]Reach Access Daily Flosser (USA)

Personal Care

[*]First Response ovulation kit and pregnancy test coupons, prenatal vitamins sample (USA)

[*]Instead SoftCup sample (USA)

[*]Bodyform Pantiliner sample pack- 2 each Micro, String and So Slim. (UK)

[*]Alldays Extra Long Plus Pantiliners sample (UK)

[*]Ob Silk Ease tampons (USA/Canada)

[*]Playtex Beyond Tampons (USA)

[*]Serenity Bladder Leakage Pads sample- wait for pop up, click sample (USA)

[*]Poise Bladder Leakage Pads sample (UK/Ireland)

[*]Serenity Bladder Leakage Pads sample (USA and Puerto Rico)

[*]Silken Secret Personal Lubricant from Astroglide sample (USA)

[*]Astroglide sample (USA)

[*]KY Warming Liquid sample (USA)

[*]Apothecus Pharmaceuticals Vaginal Cleansing Film sample (USA)

[*]Durex Performa Condom sample (UK/Ireland)

[*]Lifestyles condom and lubricant sample (USA)

[*]Trojan condoms sample (USA)

[*]Palmolive Soft and Gentle Deodorant sample (UK)

Health Care

[*]Lactaid Dietary Supplements sample (USA nad Puerto Rico)

[*]Immodium Advanced sample and Gas Aid coupon (USA and territories)

[*]Chloraseptic sample and coupon (USA and territories, Canada)

[*]Metamucil sample (USA and territories)

[*]Super Strength Motrin IB- click on trial offer (Canada)

[*]Advil Allergy Sinus sample (USA)

[*]Tums Smooth Dissolve sample (USA)

[*]Prilosec OTC sample (USA and Puerto Rico)

[*]Pepcid Complete sample (Canada)

[*]Pepcid Complete sample (USA)

[*]Tylenol Cold Night/Day sample (Canada)

[*]Thermacare Heat Wrap $2 coupon (USA and territories)

[*]Viactiv Calcium Chews sample (USA and Puerto Rico)

[*]Lactaid Dietary Supplement sample (USA and Pureto Rico)

[*]Breathe Right strips sample (all countries)


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