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Sep 27, 2003
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This forum is provided as a benefit for use by members to connect with beauty insiders looking to hire individuals for beauty related work. You must have a currently active account in good standing to take advantage of its use.
The following rules are in place for ALL members in the 'Beauty Industry Job Offers' forum:
  • What is the 'Employment Offers' forum for?
    This forum is intended for individuals or companies to publish offers of employment in the beauty industry only. Making posts which do not conform to this description may lead to the post being moved, removed or the poster being suspended. If you are seeking an employee on other forums or auction sites, you may not present a post with only a link to those other sites. Please type it out here.
  • Companies Looking:
    Companies may solicit individuals for work in the beauty industry.(1 new topic/thread only per company)
  • Individuals Looking:
    Individual members may post resumes here if you are looking for work in the beauty industry. (1 new topic/thread only per person)
  • Posting Rules
    Anyone found to be intentionally "trashing" or "trolling" in another member's job offer topic thread may be warned and asked to stop. Negative comments on job offers are not allowed. For example, if you think the job offer is too low paid or isn't good, leave the offer up for other people to form their own opinions. If you think the offer is fraudulent, please report it.
  • Keep your posts clean:
    Two colors (plus black) are allowed. And you may use up to two font styles.
  • Rules regarding HTML / CC Code in this forums:
    HTML Code is disabled in this, and every other MuT forum
    BBcode is enabled with the following restrictions: 2 colors per post (black is not counted. ex: black + 2 colors) Standard font size (any [ size ] tags larger than our standard of 2 in the post will result in the post being removed).

  • Further Rules
    You should also review the main forum rules as they also apply to this forum in addition to the specific rules outlined in this announcement.
When searching for employees, try to include:
  • Job description
  • Job requirements
  • Hourly/salary/project
  • Detailed contact information.
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