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May 6, 2007
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My last few hauls thought Id share

CCO Haul

Brow Finisher (Clear)

Studio Finish Concealer Palette (Dark)

Scrub Mask

Fluidlines in Frostlite, Rich Ground and Jadeye

and Plum Dressing (not pictured)

Flatiron and Pro Store Haul

Fig. 1 and Post Haste from Matte2



Flatsac x3 in Blue Storm

Green Gel Cleanser

266 Small Angle

228 Mini Shader

#1 Lashes

mama gave her 30 year old birthday princess a lunch at IHOP, a Happy Bday Plaque a watch and a card with some green it in, i dropped her off and made a bee line to Nordstroms. I went to initially get the lashes (#7's and I loooooooove the new packages) and had the MA assist me in putting them on, then he told me they still had Novel Twist brush sets but i really only needed the 224, he raved and raved over it so i figured i might as well get it and he told me he had one of the mineralized shadows left, i was very very happy that it was lovestone, (reminds me of Justin Timberlakes song lol) i put one lash back (actually the one i applied started coming off lol, but im practicing so look out these next few FOTD's will have me with LASHES!!

bday haulin lol this time

Cleanse Off Oil, Jardin Aires Pigment, By Jupiter and Carbon from B2M,

Shu eyelash curler (it better be worth it dammit lol)

Face Brush

Carols Daughter Khorey Amen Hair Oil (For my locs

and a small Bliss Body Butter a freebie for my bday


greenstroke paintpot

Mascara X

and a Viva Glam Post Card with Eve on it

Jul 15, 2007
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whoa, that's huge. im so jealous, there's so much to play with!


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