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Best Fat Burning/Weight Loss Supplements?

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Jul 3, 2004
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Hey Gals,

Now that I'm finally back in the gym, I've been on the hunt for a good boost to get rid of this extra baggage I've been carrying around... A few years ago I used Stacker 3 (with ephedra) and although I felt like a jumpy mess on it - I did drop like 40 lbs in like 3 months. Welp, we all know about ephedra - and that its no longer available... (I really didn't like the feeling anyway) but all the supplements out now either don't work, or don't work but are loaded w/ caffeine to make you feel like it's working. LOL I used Lipo 6 before, had some ok results from that (maybe if I was at the gym more then it would've been better) but I ran out of it... and I've been looking for something else to try. I actually just bought some caffiene free Hydroxycut tonight, so we'll see how that works - but does anyone have some good ones they've tried???