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Jan 19, 2012
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Hello, I'm new to the forum and would like to introduce myself, Im Mary ( state above with my nickname ) I'm 30 years old and as many of you share some addiction to make up and all beauty related items. I am always in search of the best make up and by my definition according to my needs, best make up for me its one that : Last longer than 5 hours, looks professional in a natural way and helps covers my imperfections ( mostly lil dots of an old pimple :S ) I dont have many but tend to get one or two right before my period.

I've used Lancome, MAC, Clinique and I still havent found the right one 
 maybe Im getting the wrong type or something. My skin tone use to be mix, but lately is getting more greasy than normal. Wondering if its because my age 

Anyway, thanks for reading!

ps. I dont know exactly if there is any other post like this one, I used the search botton with no much luck.

Mar 6, 2011
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Hi Mary! Welcome to MuT :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

If your skin is oily, you have a few options. My skin is oily too and I need to use a couple different things to fight off the oil. Have you tried putting a primer on underneath? I use the Smashbox Photo Finish primer and it works wonders. There's also powder you can put on after you put on your foundation, I use MUFE's HD Powder. It helps me keep the oil at bay pretty well, and it lasts way longer than 5 hours. As far as foundations are concerned, I sound like a broken record on this website I swear, but the best I've found for me is Laura Mercier because it's geared toward yellow-based skin, and also because it doesn't break me out and it does well at not appearing oily or greasy. It's no worse in price than Lancome is so if you're already using high end brands it's worth a try.


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