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May 29, 2012
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Hi everybody,

I am going to attempt to begin a no buy today, using this forum as inspiration. 

I have been out of control lately, and my credit card bills are piling up. I haven't even purchased any Christmas gifts yet, and I am sick with anxiety. 

A few years ago I did no buys on two consecutive years, starting at midnight on New Years Eve, and went without buying until May each year. I used the QVC beauty forum no buy threads for inspiration. I found these no buys fun and I really enjoyed using things up. But in each of the two years I cheated in May, and, with these cheats, got discouraged and gave up on the no buy.

I love buying beauty products so much and could buy new ones each day. On the other hand I never want to buy clothes, shoes, or anything else! I get lots of beauty subs, hoping I can just use the things from the subs and not shop. This never works. 

The rules of my no buy: I won't buy anything but necessities; I will begin working on my debt, and I will enjoy using what cosmetics I have. I will read these forums every time I am online to gain inspiration from others. 

This seems like a hard time to be on a no buy! But I feel it will help the anxiety I feel from my overspending.

I have to work tomorrow (Black Friday), plus I might not get paid until Monday, so I really can't shop anyway - wish I could. Instead, I think I will watch the James Bond marathon and then go through my stash to organize things to use up. 

Feb 26, 2011
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A James Bond marathon sounds good! There was a General Hospital marathon today based on all the past Thanksgiving on that series. I couldn't watch it without bawling my eyes out.


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