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Aug 16, 2007
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i searched the forums, and didnt find the anwser to what i wanted to, so here goes:

i bought jolen bleach, and want to lighten my brows. Its weird because like every part of my body has a different color. My hair is light brown with blondish highlights, but the unders of the hair are blonde. (ex: when i put my hair back into the ponytail you'll see the blonde.) my arm hairs are blonde, my leg hairs were blonde but they're black now. and my eyebrows? they're black too lol. (btw i've never dyed my hair.)

So i'm thinking of using the bleach to make my brows go from black to medium-dark brown. Except I'm scared lol. I'm not sure how long to leave it on, and when to know to take it off?

Anybody have any tips for me?

Jun 11, 2005
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Well if your brows are that dark you run the risk of ending up with orangey brows. Most people leave the bleach on for a few minutes and then wipe it off. If the color is still too dark they reapply.


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