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Oct 8, 2007
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Can any one help me with the art of chanting and meditation Iwould love to start doing it, it seems so peacefull and mind cleansing, i would love any hints and tips from any one out there on how to get started with it

Jan 4, 2007
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there are heaps of websites on it.. It's pretty awesome. i never got into it until I went to thailand and experienced it firsthand. My advice for a first timer would be

sit on the floor with crossed legs and your back very straight. This allows your breathing to flow easily. Then, focus on an image in your mind, something calming like a buddha statue (in temples that's what they have there but really it's personal, so whatever you like)

THEN... keep focusing with your eyes shut, breathe in and out slowly - breathe in and out to a count of twenty.

Do this for as long as you feel comfortable with. If you're doing it right, when you open your eyes, you'll have to double check that no one left without you, because you feel like you've been somewhere else - you wont notice what is going on outside of your breathing and your focus.

Good luck! it really is very peaceful and relaxing. As for the chanting, we didn't really look at that but basically you are praising buddha, praising the monks, and praising yourself - or praying for them, however you like to phrase it

this is just my interpretation of how meditation and stuff works - I'm no expert so yeah, really it's a personal thing so if this doesnt work for you then that's cool