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Sep 13, 2005
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I simply adore this hair color...I have been thinking about doing it myself for a while already...but I have one question...Does anyone think that this can be done with a store bought hair dye or bleach to do at home or that only a hair stylist could do it.. See my hair is already the color of the bottom part of her hair...I just want the bleach blond top of it....


What's old is new again! I had the same coloring back in the 80's when I was in my rocker chick phase.

I did mine at home but it was opposite to what you are doing, I dyed the underpart black since my hair was already bleached.

I would buy some bleach first (you can get L'Oreal or Clairol brands at any store) and do the strand test to make sure that your hair will lighten enough first. If you decide to do your actual hair, you will need to do a second step of adding an extra light ash blonde over the bleached area to get rid of the yellow left by the bleach.

Hi Cirean...

I truly Love this style and even though I did not rock it out in the 80's I would love to rock t out now.. Thanks for the advice about buying a seperate hair dye to use after I bleach...I am sooooooo nervous...But I can be bold...I will update when I can..Thanks

If your hair is dark, its going to have to process through the red stage first - and if you use the wrong peroxide or the timing is off, you can be left orange...
Honestly, unless you've done it before - I'd go to the salon for the first inital lightening, then you can ask what they use/do for you so you can do touch ups on your own if you'd like. If you're only doing a single process and only half your head - it shouldn't cost much. If you wanna try it - I'd ask a colorist's opinion first.... I've seen so many people turn into Ronald McDonald, and I am just trying to keep that from happening to you

Janelle is definitely right, you need to test the bleach on your hair color first (do the strand test) before you put it on your head. If it turn red or orange you won't be able to acheive the look you want without professional help.

The woman in the photo has had her whole head bleached and then the underneath dyed a darker color, you can see the light strands where the color didn't take.

I would NOT play with any type of bleach at home. The results can be a disaster! Going darker is fine, but going lighter I would go to a PRO!

Originally Posted by greeneyedangel I would NOT play with any type of bleach at home. The results can be a disaster! Going darker is fine, but going lighter I would go to a PRO! Yeah... I agree. If you aren't too savvy on what you're doing... better off spending the $ at the salon, instead of spending even $ correcting it. (and with more damage to your hair)
I'd tend to agree aswell. Think you should take a trip to the hairdressers for this one


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