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Feb 17, 2004
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Here's a printable coupon for a free facial at your local Clarins counter. Discover the benefits of Clarins Skin Care with our experts. Clarins Instructrice de Beauté and Skin Care Specialist work as a team to address your beauty concerns. Instructrice de Beauté - Our highly trained Instructrice de Beauté will pamper your skin and demonstrate hands-on application techniques during your 40 minute One-To-One Facial Treatment. The Instructrice de Beauté will visit each store for 2-3 days per month, on average. Skin Care Specialist - The Skin Care Specialist will meet with you to discuss your individual beauty concerns and provide you with a Personalized Beauty Prescription so that you have a record of which products were recommended for your skin. Choose the personalized, complimentary Facial Treatment that's right for you: Brightening Booster - Achieve a more even-toned complexion. Age Defying - Fight lines, firm skin, replenish mature skin. Radiance Reviver - Boost skin's energy with maximum radiance. Thirst Quencher - Hydrate skin with natural moisture. Skin Soother - Soothe sensitivity with calming botanicals. Shine Stopper - Purify and refine without irritation. Sunless Tanning - Bronze beautifully without the sun.

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