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Sep 27, 2003
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Lately my skin has been going crazy and it has been irriated around my nose. I have a combo sometimes more oily skin. I used Clarins skin care some years back and decided that I'll get the cleansing milk and the toner now again and see what happens. I have been trying different brands lately and that might have irrated my skin too since it's very sensitive. I loved the Liz Earle skin care but I think the cleanser started to irritate my skin. Also the line is not available here in the US so I have to order it from England. Anyway I've been using the Clarins skin care the past 3 days and my skin looks so good. It's nice and even and not so oily anymore. I can go until noon before I reapply powder. It's also not irriated and the red areas have disappeared. I'm so happy!!! I'm going to stick with Clarins now and need to stop switchin brands. I also bought the Instant Eye Makeup Remover and I totally love it. It removes my eye makeup so quickly and effortlessly. It's similar to Lancome Bi-Facial eye makeup remover.



Feb 10, 2005
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How cool, Reija, that it has really cleared your skin up!!!
I have never used Clarins skin care stuff.

I just use vaseline to remove my eye makeup. Works good for me and easy too...and cheap!


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