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Nov 10, 2007
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I've never needed mascara/false lashes in my entire life. I have really thick, dark and long eyelashes, and am always being told I should use LESS mascara, when I really have nothing on at all!

However, I've been looking for a conditioning mascara, one of the clear ones, since I've heard they're really good for your eyelashes. I mean, you condition the hair on your head, why not there? I need one that doesn't lengthen or thicken or darken in any way, since I reaaally don't need help there! Does anyone have any suggestions?

Also, is there anyone else here who has these 'natural falsies' as my mother likes to call them?

Picture is of my eye, I have e/s on but no mascara or anything... quickly (and badly) cropped from a picture taken a few weeks ago when I was sick, so ignore the disgusting bloodshot look!

Jan 4, 2007
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can't say that I do...

the only lash conditioner I can think of is by malvala but that is a lengthening and conditioning product so maybe not the best for you. Sorry I'm not more help.