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Dare To Be - Sweet as Candy! (November 17th - 30th)

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Aug 9, 2006
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Ok, everyone!

The next challenge is Dare To Be - Sweet as Candy!

Chosen by la_chinita, winner Dare To Be - A Living Dead Doll!

Here are a few inspiration pics, but feel free to add your own!









Feel free to get creative! And don't forget to post inspirational pics if you have any!

If you are thinking about entering this challenge, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING:


1. NO photo manipulation is allowed at all!

What is Photo Manipulation and what does it include?

Well, you've probably seen some great photo manipulation by our very own mod, Daer0n. An example of her work is illustrated here:


This is probably the first thing that comes to mind when a lot of people hear the word "Photoshopped" or "Photo Manipulated", but a photo manipulation can be very subtle and include even slight changes like alterations to coloring or contrast. So even if you lighten your photo with a photo editing program,you may not think it counts as photo manipulation, but it does. Basically, if you use a photo editing program to alter your photo in any way, it counts as photo manipulation. Therefore, for all Dare to Be competitions, you are only allowed to crop and/or resize your photo. That's it.

2. Any pictures which appear to be suspect, will either be automatically disqualified if the member is asked and doesn't come clean. If after saying it's not touched in any way the picture still seems to be suspect, then the entry will be DQed anyway. (If need be, it will be made so all entries are approved by a Moderator first).

3. Voting will remain in place. There is not true sufficient evidence to back that consistent entries/winners are discouraging. Participation overall still lacks, which we hope will change very soon!

Have fun and enjoy the contest!
For those whose entries include more than one pic: Please post the pic that you would like to be entered into the voting poll as your first pic to save time.