Did some shopping at the outlets today :)

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May 6, 2007
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so, all i got was New Vegas from McQueen....so i did a lil CCO run today

Interview/Purple X Mineralized Duo, Persona/ Screen Vinyl, Endless Love, Knight Devine, Jewel Blue, Mancatcher

Mangomix Shadestick and NonConformist Fluidline

Brushes 236 and 216

100 Bulk Wipes and Lavender Sateen Bag

Wet, Wild and Wonderful Plushglass.. this smells hella good

As the clerk was finishing ringing up my stuff, another clerk came out with these

LASHES!!! 20's (Half lashes) and 24's (Bottoms)

and heres my bonus pic, went to the Coach Store and got this baby

they had coupons where if u gave them a dollar towards Breast Cancer research u got a coupon for 25% off anything in the store..so this bag was 40% off then an additional 25%.. whooohooo

Jun 11, 2005
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Awesome haul! Not only did you help out with breat cancer research, but you got an amazing deal on a great bag! My kinda haul.


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