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Sep 27, 2003
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Now that my mom is visiting from Finland here and I started talking about my skin care routine I used to have when I still lived in Finland. I used to get facials done all the time over there. Facials are important way to take care of the skin and it's considered a normal expense over there not a luxury. Anyway I was wondering about the line I used to use when I lived there and my mom remembered it after she did some serious thinking. It was Dr. Eckstein. I was able to find it here by searching the line on Google. I ordered some products and

I'm waiting to get them in the mail soon. I wanna give the line a try again. I found that beautyhabit.com sells the line.

Jul 3, 2004
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Ooooh! You'll have to let us know if they are still as good as you remember! The Scandanavian side of my family has (& had) beautiful skin.. my aunt was an Estee Lauder model. Must know something over there that we don't!

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