Dry, Flakey skin with redness and Clogged Pores. Help?

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Apr 14, 2010
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Hello there, lately Ive been having issues with my skin. Im a Strawberry-blonde (more towards a redhead) with light/fair skin. Naturally, I seem to have dry skin with redness. My skincare had been all over the place because nothing is truly showing major results. Ill test products for about a month, then switch. Currently, I use the Say Yes to Carrots cream cleanser, Say Yes to Cucumbers daily moisturizer, and the Aveeno Daily Complextion Brightening Pads (or something called that). The Cleanser is alright, it doesnt dry my out on its own, but its not enough for my clogged pores. The moisturizer is decent, but Im starting to think its really not enough, and the pads are good..ish... For cleansing, but the exfoliation creates even more flakes and dryness, that the moisturizer isnt helping fully. They really do brighten my skin though. I develop the flakes around my nose and generally my t-zone. The rest of my face just has a rough feeling and is tight. Even after exfoliating, I can continually keep drawing up dry flakes if I just rub my face/nose with my fingers. Ive been using some Clay masks lately to help draw out the clogged pores, but they really dry out my skin. Exfoliation drys out my skin a lot too. The only way I can get decent, moisturized, skin, is by using tinted moisturizer, the daily moisturizer, and the cream cleanser. But then my pores get clogged and I can develop cystic acne. Ive also used other moisturizers but none feel like theyre actually sinking into my skin. They help with the tight feeling, but my face never plumps up and feels hydrated. Im concerned about getting wrinkles due to my dry skin as I get older. Currently, Im a teen, so I have none, but I want to try to prevent them. I love natural products, so staying around those is nice. I was told that for me, a chemical exfoliant would benefit me better than physical scrubbing. True/false? My skin isnt really 'dull' so to speak, and I can achieve a glow with many masks, the pores and dryness, as well as uneven skintone/redness, are just annoying and not good. Help would be awesome!


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