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Jan 20, 2004
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Anyone have guidelines on when makeup expires? I keep hearing different things! I definitely throw things out when they start smelling/looking funny. But does anyone throw things out before that? I rarely use things up, so I know I have products that are several years old. Some of them look fine. How long do you usually keep makeup?

I keep hearing different times too like for example some people say 3 months for mascara and some say 6 months. I don't use up the products that I have either and I have some eye shadows that I've had for a year or so and they still seem fine. I think my cake eyeliner is over a year old too and it seems to be fine. I do change my mascara often though as soon as it doesn't seem to work that well anymore (gets clumpy).

my only rule is with mascara..I replace it about every 3 months..Other then that,unless the texture or smell has changed,I keep it..I have shadows that are 13+yrs and are still prefectly usable

The only rule I really take heed to is the mascara rule...6 months tops for keeping one. But honestly..they're pretty much gone by then if not long before if you use them everyday so most people don't hafta worry about that. As long as the color/texture/or smell doesn't change on other stuff I think its fine...I've had some things for a couple years and they're still just fine.


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