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Apr 15, 2021
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South Carolina
I'm 62 years old, and I know that over time we start having old lady things. Over the last couple of years, i've noticed that my mascara just doesn't want to "stick" for lack of a better word, to the part of my eye lashes that are attached to my eyelids. So when I wear mascara, it looks like it's mostly on the tips of my lashes. I cannot tell you how this aggravates me. The more I try to fix it, the more clump I get and then it's on too thick. I've tried so many different mascaras over the years, and just can't seem to get this problem fixed. When I was younger, I was always asked how I got mascara from the base to the tips of my lashes. I assume this is age related, but I also take medications for an autoimmune disease and wonder if that's the problem as well. Can anyone offer suggestions?
Thanks! :)

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