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Apr 25, 2004
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Hey all.

I just went out and purchased two brushes from an art store, to use as eyeshadow brushes.

Now, thing is i've never used eyeshadow brushes before with any technique. The only eyeshadow brushes I have used are the simple square shaped ones. And just kind of...dabbed and swished eyeshadow on.

I was just wondering if there are any good sites (or even good posts here)about different eyeshadow brushes, their purposes and the techniques used to gain the desired affects.

I don't have a scanner, or a digital camera
so I'll try and describe the brushes as much as I can.

Brush Number One. I guess it's a round liner brush, size 05. It's about 1.5cm long and probably about3mm width wise. Would it just be to line eyeshadow? Or work eyeshadow into the crease????

Brush Two: 8mm long, 4-5mm width. Called a shapper size 04. It says it is ideal for blending, so would i just transfer the purpose of blending paint to make-up?

I would really like to know the other type of brushes and their purposes, so to repeat myself if their is already a post on this could you link it, along with any other helpful links. Or if you know about this stuff could you post?

Thanks alot girls!

Mar 7, 2005
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welcome to MUT, mod_squad!

i agree with charmaine. when i bought my brush set, on the website, it told what all of them did, so i got off easy, but since you bought them at the art store, i would do what char suggested and if you need more help, we'll be here



Feb 27, 2005
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hey! welcome to mut!

i have a few art store brushes and i like them.

i know some girls like the sonia kushuck(sp?) brushes from target. you can start off with those


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