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May 11, 2007
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Well this is my first post here so I'll just start out by saying hi! to everyone

The hair styling department of my college is putting on a fashion show to raise money for cancer research. I've just started on the make up & nails course and they've asked for any volunteers to do make up for the fashion show and obviously I said of course! So I'm reallyy excited since this going to be my first time doing anything like this and I wanna get together some ideas before hand. The themes are avant-garde bride, elements and masquarade ball. I was just wondering if anyone has any pictures that might be helpful if they could post them for me! thanks!

Sep 26, 2005
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Check out benebaby's Makeup Inspiration thread over in the tutorials section. Some great examples there!

Brainstorming is the way to go, though- what do you think of when you hear avant garde bride? Futuristic, maybe a little Goth or Punk inspired? What else? You can do face/hair that is opposite to the clothes, or something that matches. So, if the clothes were sort of precision cut and moddish, maybe hair would be teased and worn in, perhaps with bits of feathers or other ephemera added. Makeup could then go sort of dark and smudgy and imperfect. Or they could match - hair could be sleek and precise, and makeup could be very exact.

Elements - earth, fire, water, air, metal and ether (last two are from feng shui). Just pull from the colors you associate with each element.

Masquerade Ball is a fun one - consider masks of some sort - bits of chiffon or lace over the teyes, or painted on with cosmetics. High arched patent brows like Pat McGrath for Dior a few years ago. MAJOR lips. Beauty spots, even. Marie Antoinette type of thing. Or something more sinister?

Anyway, whatever you do will be super cool and very, very fun!



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