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Dec 22, 2004
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Bay Area, California
I know you emailed me a few days ago asking about my opinion of Benefit, I thought I would share it here, it's quite long. hahah..

I am glad you asked about Benefit! I know everything, top to bottom about it, so anything you want to know, I am here for ya~!

I will categorize my opinions to make it easy. I have varied opinions about everything we sell so I can't say, " Oh, I love it" because I don't love ALL of it for myself. I've tried everything and haven't been totally excited about all of it, but when I use things on different people, I see results on them that I didn't see on myself.

Skincare: I love the "Touch me then Try to Leave" hand and body creme. Oprah featured this on a few of her shows, it's her favorite healing creme. I really do love it. It doesn't have a highly perfumed smell to it, just light enough to use all over the body without feeling greasy or too smelly. I sold out an entire stock of this before Xmas. If you are craving something with a scent, the Maybe Baby lotion is wonderful, with a slight shimmer. Huge size.

Our two scrubs "Pineapple Polish" and "Honey... Snap out of it" are great. The honey one doubles as a three minute mask and you can use it every morning to lightly scrub off dead particles of skin. It's also moisturizing, I had no idea that honey was a good moisturizer! The pineapple scrub is a 2 x per week scrub that can be used on the body. The smell of it is divine.. I love the smell. These scrubs are for all skin types!

The Bathina products are great, but I do not like Body So Fine. It smells like wax to me. Many people love this product, I really don't know why! Sarah Jessica Parker loves this product and she's used it on her show a few times. I use all of the other Bathina products regularly, the shave cream and the Maybe Baby scented shower gel are my favorites.

I love the Dear John moisturizer so much that I want to marry it. Problem is, I can't use it. It's a non-greasy anti-aging moisturizer, no SPF, day and night use. I think this is the best moisturizer I've ever tried in my life, but I started to break out from it. I was very upset because the texture is perfect and my makeup looked flawless. I am just one of those people who can't use moisturizer at all because I am so oily. This moisturizer is for dry skin and normal skin. It bums me out that I had to discontinue use of it on my face. I still have it and use it on my hands and neck only. I sell a lot of this product with barely any returns on it.

Eyecon is an excellent anti aging, dark circle fading, de-puffing eye cream. This is the best I've used. I've tried Chanel, Dior, Shisedo, Estee Lauder and Clinique, I didn't like any of them since they were either too greasy or they were too thick. Eyecon is made from citrus extract, to increase circulation in the eye area, so dark circles do fade and the eye area just looks more awake. I've seen great results, especially when I took it to Vegas, I had NO sleep and my eyes looked just fine.

As far as the "Fake-It's go, I have many favorites. Fake-its are little cosmetic accessories you use to cover up problems or enhance the good stuff. Fake-it's are our best selling products and can be used with any other cosmetic brand. Here are some reviews on the fake-its:

For the face, I love Dr. Feelgood. It's our best selling item at the counter. It's silicon based, so some people should beware if the have allergies to that. It's made with vitamin C, E, chamomile and corn starch. It's a skin smoothing foundation base, decreases the size of pores, fine lines, scars. I recommend this for everyone to just try it once, it feels so good. Everyone can use it, even if you don't wear makeup. It makes a great gift.

I can't recommend the Playstick foundation for everyone. It has tea tree oil in it to help kill bacteria on the skin, but on oily skin, it tends to separate. We are coming out with a new liquid foundation called Non-Fiction, which is supposed to be wonderful, but I haven't tried it yet! Our tinted moisturizer, You Rebel looks really great on my customers with a tan, but it's too dark for fair people to wear. One of my favorite products from the line is the Get Even pressed powder. It's the perfect coverage and it makes your skin feel clean.

A product I can't live without is Lemon Aid. It's a yellow concealer for color correction of veins and dark circles on the lids of the eyes. It's also the best eyeshadow base in the world. My friend from Chanel sneaks and uses this on her customers for her make-overs. The MAC girls come and borrow the tester from me all the time to show customers. Everyone loves it. FY..eye is also another shadow base, but I personally don't like it. I prefer the color corrector built into the base.

BROW ZING.. I will die if this ever gets discontinued. I don't know if you can tell, but I have hot brows. I would not have hot brows without brow zing #4. I threw every eyebrow pencil I owned away when I tried this. This is the first of it's kind, many brands try to imitate, especially Lancome. It's a combo of a soft pigmented colored wax and a filling powder. I barely have brow hairs, I go crazy plucking. I fill it all in with the kit and it looks like I really have nice brows. This is the product that I can sell the most of since I wear it everyday (walking ad!) I have to seal my brows in with a liquid sealant called She-laq, it's a clear liquid that you paint over your brows, mascara, shadow and matte lipsticks, eyeliner to make them water proof. Great for people that like to go clubbing! Or even swimming heheh!

As far as shadow goes, I am a make-up slut, I use every brand for my color. The Benefit shadows are very natural and if I were to pick only two to buy, I would choose Hey Bellboy and It's Not you it's Me. Those are very dramatic plum colors that I can't be without.

Our mascara Bad Gal was what Charlize Theron was wearing when she received the Oscar last year. It's really good, but the brush is HUGE. I personally do not like the brush, so I got a few dispostable mascara wands to use with it. Bad gal thick black liner is a lash filler, to make your lashes look thicker, I normally just use our Onyx black liner, which is the only liner that doesn't run down my face.

If you like MAC pigments or if you hate MAC pigments, try our Show-Offs. They are like the pigments, but softer. Really sparkly!

I have to cut this off for now.. I gotta hang out with my boyfriend, I will come back with the second half later!

May 30, 2004
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I went by a Benefit counter a few months back and I loved everything she put on me except the Playstick, only because I don't wear foundation.

I love the Brow Zing. She didn't have my color in stock. I did buy the Show Off she put on me, but I don't use it. I also like the Bad Girl Lash Mascara. It's really nice.

Oh and she put on me Moonbeam. I think that's the one.

But yes, their stuff is pretty nice.

May 6, 2004
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WOAH Scarlette, thanks for posting all this great info! i8've never tried anything by Benefit coz it's not so popular here in Ireland but i can't wait to try out a few things now!

You should copy & paste your reviews into the Review Center just in case other MuT'ers miss this post! Thanks again

Dec 12, 2003
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Oh wow, thanks so much for all the info!
Can't wait for the second half!

Jul 7, 2004
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Thanks Scarlette for the honest and helpful reviews!

Have you been able to use Lemon-Aid on a variety of skin tones or more just light to medium complexions?

Send us Part II soon!


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