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Jan 9, 2007
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Well, I got my Aubrey Nicole order and I have decided love AN!!!

I got the large size full coverage foundation in Light Warm and in Medium Light warm. I also got the Advanced Gel Primer.

Then I ordered some stuff from Lily Lolo: 2 synthetic Kabuki Brushes, and 2 eyeshadow brushes: a blending brush and a pure sable eyeshadow brush, and a concealer brush, indigo eyeshadow, khaki sparkle eyeshadow and pixie sparkle eyeshadow.

From Barefaced Beauty I got: creamy mauve lipstic, cheesecake lipgloss, soft mauve lipliner, pink sunshine liquid gloss and 2 retractable lip brushes.

Now for the review of my new purchases:

AN foundations: I love them! full coverage yet very natural looking! I'm currently using the Medium Light warm because I've still got a bit of a tan, and it's a great match! The Light warm will be more for winter time when I'm very pale. The powder feels super soft and light on my skin, and with one application I have full coverage. I like it very much!

The advanced gel primer: I love this product. A little goes a long way, and leaves my skin slippery smooth, a perfect canvas for MMU! I used this over my usual moisturiser and it took about 7 minutes to fully sink into my skin, but the result is a very smooth one with the MMU!

The Lily Lolo synthetic Kabuki: I love this! It's firm yet super soft and seems to provide better coverage than my natural kabuki.

The concealer brush: again, good and works just like it's supposed to!

The eyeshadow brushes: like my other one from barefaced beauty; I can't fault them!

The eyeshadows: like all Lily Lolo eyeshadows they are great! lots of sparkle and beautiful colours!

The lip products from Barefaced Beauty: The lip liner is very soft and doesn't leave a harsh colour; which is what I like. The lipstick is a little dry, but stays put for a long time. I used some lipgloss over it, and it seems that this is good for added moisture. The liquid gloss is very nice, and has a great orange flavour! My retractable brushes are very nice, well made and very handy!

So there you have it; I'm now banned from buying any more MMU products for a LONG LONG time!

To sum up: My HG foundation for my everyday use is Elemental Beauty; it stays on, is sheer and yet gives good coverage. For those days where I need a little extra help: AN full coverage foundation is the way to go!


Mar 20, 2007
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Congratulations on finding products you are happy with!

AN is fabulous! I absolutely love the coverage, and the exact color match.

Jun 12, 2007
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I had ordered AN samples while she had free shipping special.

So far I really the Oil Control Powder and I think this really helps with my oiliness.

I got six blushes and have not tried them all yet. I do like fairy dust powder.

I got two eye shadow samples as a gift and a perfume sample. While I really like this perfume, my whole package smelled like perfume. I just thought I would mention this to those that might have a problem with fragrance as a heads up that she does give perfume samples as a gift.

It took a while for my package to arrive as their was a death in the family. I read a recent post that a staff member has died also.

Oct 23, 2006
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Originally Posted by autumnagain /img/forum/go_quote.gif It took a while for my package to arrive as their was a death in the family. I read a recent post that a staff member has died also.

From what I understand from an email I got from them, the person that died was a staff member (I think they had mentioned on the website that it was someone in their 'AN Family'). She mentioned that it was an illness and then a death so it has put them behind on shipping, which they had a lot of orders because of the free shipping sale. I got a notice that my package shipped yesterday.

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