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Nov 20, 2006
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We are introducing a brand new line of eyelashes to add to our line, and since I have been on this board for a little while, i would like to offer the beautiful makeup talkers here a very good introductory offer for aspiring makeup artists, or professionals.

You can have 10 pairs for the price of 9 at $36 wholesale, and the 10th pair will be a very nifty pair of limited edition eyelashes.

OR 4 sets of each, as well as a limited edition pair, and a full sized 7g tube of clear latex based eyelash glue for $144.

Our manufacturer is the same as MAC, MUFE, and Shu Umera. So you can expect exceptional quality.

These are pre orders, so the lead time I'm expecting on these is about 2 months

I'm only offering this on this board so if you have any more questions please pm me!




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