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Feb 8, 2005
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Originally Posted by Arielle wow Bethany, your hair looks so sexy...too bad you didn´t post a full FOTD so I can see the hair AND the face.
I took a full face pic but it didn't look right and the red didn't show up but I'll post a full face next time, though.

Originally Posted by K*O* Oh "B"., "Bethany", "Violet" - .... that looks so gorgeous!. I must tell you, .. I love the fact that you post your FOTD w/ actual pics each time....I like seeing the finished product, rather than just reading about what everyone uses. (who cares, .... personally ; I prefer seeing it).... That's why I voted for you. (Oooops, - I Don't know if I'm allowed to say it or not)....but, I certainally hope you win, because you are dedicated, and you take the time to present a good presentation for FOTD (THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT) "FOTD" of the day (you WANT to see the FACE) - Good Luck...and a very Happy - up and coming birthday ! Momma !
Thanks so much!!

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