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Oct 16, 2011
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Has anyone tried this?

I just bought what's called the Gelish Basix kit. It comes with everything you'd need to do a gel manicure. It was $32 on Amazon which is cheaper than buying it from Sallys.

The only things you need to buy aside from the Basix kit are the colors of polish you want and a UV lamp.

I'm on the fence about it. The kit was kind of expensive considering everything is not full sized. But it is an investment. 

I did alot of research and found that using the kit that has the mini sizes will last you a few manicures. 

I found that Gelish is the best out there besides Shellac. Gelish has about 50-100 colors and they are cheaper than Shellac.

There's no too many videos on it. The only video I know of is by Michelle Phan and she used Gelish as well. But Gelish provided her with all the products.


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