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May 10, 2007
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Ever have those days where you want to just getaway? Well not everyone has the price to go to the spa and get that spa treatment you absolutely deserve!
Try this next time when you're at home:

Grab some tea candles and place them around the bathroom, not too many, but just enough to give you the feel of serenity.

Fill your tub will warm to hot as you can bare it water. Tip
rop a few drops of lavender or rosemary oil in your water to give your whole bathroom an aroma you'll never forget.

For a spa pillow to place your head on while your in the tub, take a small pillow, wrap it up in a trash bag or small plastic grocery bag and place a pillowcase on the pillow! It's just that easy.

Grab your iPod or MP3 and play your favorite soft music. turn it down to a minimum and get ready to relax...

Turn the lights off or dim them if you like and turn your telephone off.

Take two cotton ball and dip them in ice cold water to relieve your eyes. (They help puffy eyes as well)

After all that is done, enjoy your spa bath minus the spa and the bucks you would have came out of the pocket with, bu tnow you can buy that pretty purse you saw in the mall!!

Happy bathing!!


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