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Getting your money's worth

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Oct 5, 2003
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I was just looking around my computer area tonight and I realized that the item I use the most in here (besides the computer and like items) is the stark white Rubbermaid 3 drawer set on wheels I bought years ago when I didnt yet have the money for a file cabinet. Since then it's been one of our "just cant throw away" must haves for the office- it doesnt match the desks or the actual cabinets we've aquired, yet I cant toss it because its just so danged useful! If I didnt have it, where would I put my extra legal pads and my photo paper? Where would I put manilla envelopes and camera film? I cant even begin to imagine what I would do without my $14 drawer set from Walmart. The same goes for my cheapie cheap shower caddy- how did anyone survive without these useful liitle things? I can barely remember the days of old when I used to dodge shampoo bottles diving off the edge of the tub when I had soap in my eyes. What are some things youve gotten your money's worth from? Big stuff like cars and electronics dont count!