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Feb 1, 2012
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I've got a high school graduate now!  Hooray and thanks for your patience everyone.

I am basically copying the guidelines from the Makeup/Samples Circular Swap group.  It seems they have learned some lessons the hard way with one person not completing the swap circle.  Really a bummer that one person out of so many would mess it up...and for what?   A few samples.  Ah well, I am a believer in Karma.

So here we go:

Qualifying and signing up:

1. In order to participate you need to be located in the US, and have either:  

-50+ posts on MuT

-2 or more Positive Feedback in the swap forum

-You may qualify if you have been a member since at least March, 2012, but this qualification will be used at our discretion.

2. If you haven't yet sent in your info please send a PM to LyndaV providing the following info:

MuT username:
Email address:

Real name:
Mailing information:

Wish list info:

3. Comment on this thread after you’ve sent in your information.

Rules during the swap:

1. As soon as you receive the box, send an PM to LyndaV that you received it. The box is going to be tracked closely.

2. Send the nail polish box on within 3 days. If you keep the box longer than 7 days and do not have a believable extenuating circumstance or do not contact us, you will not be allowed to participate in future circular swaps.

3. As soon as you send the box on, PM Lynda V with the delivery confirmation number. Again, if you do not send the confirmation number, you will not be allowed to participate in future swaps.

4. Please be fair and please be reasonable.  If you take out 4 high end items do not put back in one packet of hand cream.  Let's make this fun for everyone!

5.  Because we are mailing nail polish, Postal regulations require that we send the package via Parcel Post.

6.  Wish List:  I will be sending a wish list form to all participants.  If you happen to have an item that you don't want anymore that is on someone else's Wish List please label with that persons' name.  If there are any Wish List packages that haven't reached their intended recipient by the time the box is returned to me (I'm the last one) I will mail them out separately.  We will see how this works out : )

That's all I can think of...please post if there is anything I've left out.


Apr 11, 2012
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Hi LyndaV,

Thank you for setting this up!

I really like the idea of a nail polish circular swap, but I don't quite understand the value of the 'wish list'.

If I receive the box and some of the polishes I want already have names on them, I think I would be disappointed, even though I might receive polishes that are on my wish list later, if they are put in the box after I get it.  Also, it would be more work and expense for you.

But, maybe I don't understand how it works.

Feb 1, 2012
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Yes they are.  Keep an eye on the group for signups for the next round.

Aug 5, 2012
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LyndaV - I just PM'ed you with my info just in case you guys open up a next round. Thanks!


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