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Oct 29, 2011
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Okay, so I went to a professional to go from a light brunette color to a honey blonde and after three visits the color is awful and nowhere close to the actual color I want. My mother was the one who told the colorist what I didn't want, which bothered me because she dictates what  color and so forth

I want to dye my hair back to a dark brown, and I want to dye it back myself. I don't know which hair dye brand is the best, the steps, and what I need to do before (I just got my hair done a few days ago so I realize I have to wait before I can dye it again, but how long?)

I live in a very limited town, so the only hair dyes I can get are from Walmart, CVS, and possibly Sally's (I can drive there, but it's a long drive so I'd prefer not)

Which are the best, and can you give me tips?

How long would it take to go back to being a dark brunette?

Do you know a good brunette hair color that won't flush me out (I'm really pale, porcelain pale at least) ?

May 24, 2006
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If I were in your situation, I would return to the salon and let them know that after 3 attempts, you are not satisfied. Tell them that you want the stylist/colourist to dye your hair a dark brown.

Work with the salon to find a colour that will be flattering to your skin tone.

They will let you know how long you have to wait to redye.

Start conditioning your hair so it will be healthier from all the hair dyeing.

The only conditioning I recommend is either a prewash with coconut oil or mix coconut oil with conditioner and apply after shampooing. Your hair will be healthier if you incorporate either each time you wash your hair.


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