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Jan 20, 2006
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1 part of vinegar and 1 part of water. Rinse on hair to wash away build up and residue cause by conditional, dirt and many more.

Jan 18, 2006
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I'll have to try the tea thing...When I do I will tell you how it goes...any special teas to use?

Jul 3, 2004
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Originally Posted by sherice I'll have to try the tea thing...When I do I will tell you how it goes...any special teas to use? Hmmm... not quite sure.. I guess regular tea would work? Be sure to let us know the outcome!
Jan 21, 2006
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A good shine/conditioning treament is to blend a peeled avocado (I left the sking on once and thought I'de never get it all out of my hair), olive oil and mayo until it's thick enough to stay put on your hair...slather it on dry hair, put on a plastic cap and sit under heat or do it 10-30 min prior to a shower and let the shower heat get to it. Then just rinse it all out and wash/condition as usual.

One of the plug-in heat caps is a WONDERFUL thing to have, they're not that expensive and make a real difference when trying to deep condition. I went to Sally Beauty Supply and got the heat cap and a bunch of the disposable plastic em!

Jul 31, 2005
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You will find most of the 'ingredients' necessary lying around the house. These recipes are a great way to get rid of a problem - FAST!


Step 1: Mix 1 part apple cider vinegar/ 1 part light conditioner.

Step 2: Work from roots to ends

Step 3: Rinse with warm water for shiny hair!


Step 1: Take a pea size dab of lotion/shea butter/olive oil. Step 2: Rub between hands and distribute evenly through hair.

Dec 12, 2005
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Charmaine, do you use regular body lotion?

Becky, thank you for cool tips!

Jul 31, 2005
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i wanna try the acv one but im scared my hair wil smell like it and people will know and think i smell

Feb 27, 2006
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BIG thks for those info!

Do we use the lemon juice on our scalp then shampoo and conditioner as usual?

Jul 3, 2004
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Originally Posted by HunnieGer BIG thks for those info!
Do we use the lemon juice on our scalp then shampoo and conditioner as usual?

Yes, I believe so.


Oct 5, 2005
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Used with permission from author/creator.

FYI I have done this without heating it up & it worked fine. Check the list of conditioners first to see it yours will work if not the VO5 is only .95 a bottle I used the free me freesia

Snowy's Fave Moisture Treatment

1 part Fave conditioner (must be moisture), mine is VO5-Sun Kissed Raspberry.

1/4 part honey

1/4 part clear aloe vera gel (I use Fruit of the Earth).

Place in a cup and warm in microwave for 10 to 15 seconds--just until warm. Wash hair and squeeze out excess, blot dry, leave in under heat cap, warm towels or shower cap, what have you, for an hour or so. Rinse well. Finish (add leave-in if you do so) and style as usual Wah-la!!! Extreme Moistness. This is great after protein treatments!!! WOOT!!!


~ My own Method ~

I thought I would share with you the method I use most often when using SMT.

When I make it, I do the following:

~ Mix all ingredients in a cup and stir with a spoon.

~ Pop in in the microwave for a very short time, just enough to warm it.

~ Stir it again with a spoon.

~ Thoroughly rinse hair.

~ Clean hair with method of choice if not using SMT as the cleanser (CO wash) and rinse well. If using SMT as the cleanser, rinse hair well and go to the next step.

~ Squeeze out excess water.

~ Blot dry with a towel gently.

~ Apply the SMT all over, massage it into the scalp and comb it through for a bit.

~ wrap hair in a bun on the top of my head and put a plastic bag or shower cap over this.

~ Can use a heat cap here, and sometimes I do, but usually I just put a towel over that.

~ Leave on for an hour, if you can, or even longer.

~ Rinse well.

~ Finish, dry and style as usual.

~ Shiney hair!



Some conditioners appear to work in this recipe better than others. In an SMT gone wrong, many report lumps, clumping and difficulty rinsing. So, if you try a conditioner you are unsure of and you see lumps, chances are it may not be a conditioner that will work well with SMT.

Conditioners and other ingredients reported to work well

Africa shea oil

Aubrey Organics GPB

Aussie 3MM

Aussie Mega conditioner

bananas from babyfood jars

bear-jar honey

Biolage Conditioning Balm

Body Shop Brazil Nut Conditioner

Burt's Bees Avacado pre-shampoo treatment

castor oil

Devacurl One conditioner

Down Under Naturals papaya moisture care conditioner

Elucence conditionerExtra-virgin olive oil (EVOO)

Fekkai shea butter

Flaxseed oil

Fresh f21c Meadowfoam Conditioner

Fudge Dynamite

Giannini's Curl & Twirl conditioner

Giovanni 50/50


KMS Curlup Curl Hydrator

J/A/S/O/N Jojoba conditioner

Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment (best results reported when using Lily of the Valley aloe gel)

jojoba oil

Les Karités

L'Oreal Vive Smooth-Intense Masque

Lush Henna (1 square used as a henna glossing treatment)

Origins Happy Endings

ORS carrot oil

ORS Hair Mayonaise

Mane N' Tail conditioner

Melrose Spray-in conditioner


Nature's Gate Herbal

Nature's Gate Jojoba conditioner

Nexxus Ensure

Nexxus Humectress

Nexxus KeraPhix

Pantene conditioner

Terax Crema

Trader Joe's Aloe Vera Gel

Trader Joe's Honey

Trader Joe's NourishSpa

Redken Smooth Down

shea butter

Suave Aloe Vera

Suave Milk and Honey (contains protein--see problem list)*

Suave Naturals Chamomile

TRESemme Vitamin E Moisturizing conditioner (see the problem list)

various essential oils

VO5 Blueberries and Cream

VO5 Extra Body

VO5 Tangerine Tickle

VO5 Tea Therapy Calming Chamomile

VO5 Sunkissed Raspberry

VO5 Free Me Fresia

Conditioners and other ingredients reported to be problematic

AO Honeysuckle Rose (too thin?)

Beauty Formulas Avocado Oil Treatment Wax (no cones or proteins, but white buildup reported)

Burt's Bees Avacado (some stickiness reported)

Conditioners containing cones

Clover honey (flakes reported)

De~Luxe conditioner (specks reported and not good results)

Finesse Moisturizing

Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment when used with FOTE gel (curding reported)

Joico Moisturizer (white chunks, hard to rinse)

honey (frizz reported)

honey with beeswax

Inecto Moisture Miracle (flakes reported)


Nature's Gate Herbal (rubbery feeling reported)

Nature's Gate Jojoba conditioner (flakes reported)

Redkin Heavy Cream (stringy, snotty white stuff reported)

Regis Olive Oil conditioner (white stuff reported)

Satinique Hair Repair Masque

Suave Aloe (chukiness reported)

Suave Mango Peach (some white chunks reported, but rinsed easily)

Suave Milk and Honey (curds reported)

Suave Strawberry (waxiness reported)

Toni and Guy Shine Addiction

Trader Joe's Clover Honey (rubbery feeling reported)

TRESemme Vitamin E Moisturizing conditioner (flecks reported--contains cones)

VO5 Blueberries and Cream (chunkiness reported)

Aloe gels reported to work well

Aloe fresh from live plant

Fruit of the Earth aloe gel clear (available at Wal-Mart)

Fruit of the Earth aloe gel green (see problem list)*

J/A/S/O/N Aloe Gel

Lilly of the Desert (available in health-food stores)

Nature's Life Aloe Vera Herbal Blend

Nature's Healer Aloe Vera

Mystify Your Senses

President's Choice Pure Aloe Gel

Aloe gels reported to be problematic

Aloe gels with pain relievers added (usually green in color)

Lilly of the Valley aloe gel (flakes reported)

Fruit of the Earth aloe gel (one report of this being problematic) clear gel

Real Aloe Vera Gel (rubbery feeling reported)


Trouble shooting:

If it went wrong it could be...

* It was overheated; try not heating the mix or just warming it.

* Wrong conditioner (see the above lists); cones seem to cause adverse effects, curdling and hard rinsing.

* Wrong aloe gel (see the above list)

* Wrong ratios; usually too much aloe gel will result in possible coating/harder rinsing.

* Not covering with a plastic bag or shower cap--if this mix dries on your hair, it can be hard to rinse out. If that does happen, soaking your hair in a tub of plain warm water for about 20 minutes and then doing a CO wash may loosen it and help remove it.


* Some report using SMT as a CO wash with great results.

* If honey leaves you frizzy, try just using aloe gel mixed with conditioner.

* You may have to try different conditioners until you find the one that gives you the results you are looking for.

* You don't have to use a microwave to heat the mix, you can set a cup of it into a bowl of warm water. That may be a good option and an even more gentle way of warming it up.


From the lists above, I think it is safe to say that dimethicone should be avoided when looking for a good SMT conditioner.


Some common abbreviations you may find in this thread:

CO - Conditioner or condition-only washing method.

C-COW-C - Condition-wash with shampoo/conditioner dilution-condition washing method.

CWC - Condition-wash-condition washing method.

SKR - VO5 Sun kissed Raspberry conditioner.

WO - Water only washing method

Feb 6, 2006
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hey !!

If you beat 1 egg with 2-3 Tablespoons of Olive Oil it will leave your hair realllyyy soft ! I've tried it before and works great ! It smells like you're baking a cake lol.. but once you wash out the smell doesnt linger or anything i was surprised how soft it left my hair. Just be careful to make sure you rinse it ALL completely out !!!

I also heard Mayonaisse does the trick too.

hope it helps.

Jan 9, 2006
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An all-natural way to eliminate shampoo build-up and toxins in your hair is with apple cider vinegar. Rinse your hair once a week with one cup of apple-cider vinegar, found in grocery stores or health stores. Hair styling fact

Cool info!

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