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Sep 27, 2003
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I did some research about hazelnut oil on the internet after I heard that it's suppose to help with cellulite. Anybody else heard about this oil? or use it? I just ordered some and I'll see if it makes a difference. I have to say that dry brushing has really helped. The swimsuit season is coming and I need my cellulite to be gone by then.

Jun 17, 2004
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i refuse to believe that you have any cellulite. dont you know that if you dont think about it then its not really there?

a bit of rubbing and moisturizing will always make the skin look better. i did a little hunting around on the net, and it does seem that there are a lot of recipes for anti cellulite treatements that contain hazelnut oil.

i think the sad truth is that you do what you can, but nothing is going to seriously affect the tissue from making pockety bits of fat.

i move that we call cellulite "love lumps" from now on.


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