Hello girls! Would someone of you send to Spain a box Birchbox or similar? Paying I the box and postage and handling

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Feb 7, 2012
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Hello! I am called Beatriz, am Spanish. Here boxes of beauty exist with samples similar to those of the USA, but the products that they send there I like more. I have seen in Internet that in the USA several boxes receive, and the truth is that they all are the very good ones. I would like to know if someone that this signed to Birchbox, GoGoGirlfriend, Makeup Monthly, etc ... it might receive one more box for my and me send it, and I send for paypal the money of the box and the postage and handling! It be be very grateful!! And also if you are interested in someone we might exchange cajitas. If you someone pleases of here Spain we can do exchange! Thank you!


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