Hyaluronic acid Molecule has an ability to retain moisture up to 6000 times its weight!

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May 10, 2012
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Do you know that hyaluronic acid is one of the main molecules that fight the aging process? At the present day it is well known that UV rays, daily stress, unhealthy nutrition and bad ecology are the major factors for unhealthy skin. These factors lead to Hyaluronic acid decomposition, the molecule responsible for trapping water in the skin. Decrease in water levels may cause the skin to lose its volume, elasticity, making it dry and vulnerable to infections. Losing its volume the skin will have wrinkles, pigmentations and different signs of aging. What is special about Hyaluronic Acid? It is the biggest among the molecules that surround skin cells and it absorbs moisture up to 6000 times its weight. Maintaining sufficient quantity of these special molecules, which decreases with age, is one of the key factors to stay young and radiant. However, despite the fact that many companies use HA in their products, doesn’t guarantee its effectiveness because the size of this molecule is huge and doesn’t permit its penetration deep into the skin. One of the solutions is applying invasive methods (injections) to deliver this component deep into skin layers, but this method has disadvantages due to the fact that it damage the skin, and limit its daily application. Japanese scientists in the Forlle’d laboratory (Forlle’d, Japanese cosmeceutical company) managed to solve this problem in a unique special way. They reduced the size of these molecule to just 5 nanometers wide, which allows it to penetrate deep into the skin and most important, these small molecules don’t lose their effectiveness and can rejoin again in the skin Forlle’d laboratory designed a globally patented manufacturing process to develop low molecular substances. The technology is based on the discoveries of Nobel Prize winner Koichi Tanaka. Have you ever wonder about trapped ship inside the bottle, when you look at it across the glass? What seems impossible in fact is very simple when you know how it works. Separate parts of the ship are dipped into the bottle and gathered in one inside. This new technology developed by Japanese scientists is based on the same principle and represents a major leap in anti-aging industry.


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