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Feb 22, 2006
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Because it's raining RAOKs for me! Excitement! Christmas doesn't even have to come for me now LOL! Okay, so I knew about both of these RAOKs. However, I didn't expect what I got as extras!

RAOK #1: Marisol knew I was looking for certain MSFs, and she was nice enough to offer me her Metal Rock for FREE! OMFG! Get out! No way! YES! But, the sneaky, sneaky girl added in Stila Sakura Petal Blush! Oh, how I've wanted it! YAY! Thanks ever so much Marisol! Love you, love you, love you!

RAOK #2: Nicole (Bella1342) has always been a sweetie, and I've always been helpful to everyone. Nicole, as an appreciation for sending her a sa,ple of Deckchair pigment and for my help, said she would send me a MAC Pro Longwear since her CCO has them (Nicole sent Rose Runner PLW). What I didn't expect, the Philosophy Amazing Grace travel-size spray fragrance, MAC Barely Lit l/s, Flirt! Party Purple palette, Smashbox Attitude Lipgloss, or Mark Juice Gems lipgloss! Oh, oh, oh! So happy you made me Nicole!



Thanks so much you darlin' sweeties! You've totally made my day! And, a swap I had for BeneFit Maybe Baby EDT came in today too! So, I'm off to shower and smell nice LOL! Oh, and play with my new goodies LOL!


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