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Nov 12, 2008
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As you all know, the NYX Face Awards show was held at IMATS - Los Angeles this weekend. MakeupTalk was there to get interviews, one in particular with the founder of NYX Cosmetics, Toni Ko.

The NYX Face Awards was a YouTube competition for ladies to become the new Face of NYX, and Beauty Vlogger of the Year.  The winner, CharismaStar (Charis Amber Lincoln), recieved a $25,000 cash prize along with many other exciting things, like a private session with celebrity makeup artist, Scott Barnes.


"We wanted to say thank you to the YouTube community for expanding a whole new way to do makeup, by introducing new trends, products, and colors to the public, and showing it's support to NYX and the entire makeup industry."

I also got some sneak peak on a project that the new winner might be working on, too.  Toni: "Charisma and I want to collaborate on a Christmas Special Edition Gift Set later this year."

Toni's also really excited about the new felt tip ergonomically designed curved eyeliner that will be coming out later this year.  She also wanted us to know about their new Glam Eyeliners.  They are waterproof, water resistant, mostly chrome with some sparkle, and will be available in 9 shades. They will be a part of the new Glam collection that will be out soon.  The entire collection will include Eyeshadow, Eyeliners, Glam Gloss, Glam Shadow Sticks, and Glam Lip Sticks.  Previews of some of the new products were seen in the Runway show at the NYX Face Awards this weekend.

I also had a short, chance meeting with Charisma's father.  He said that she's been living in Alaska for the last 10 years, working as a licensed minister, doing missionary work in Alaska.  She wants to be able to spread her love of makeup and God and inspire the public with her passions.  (He also hopes that her recent success will have his daughter living in California again, so he can see her more often!)

Other interviews:

Lisa Her, Promuanetwork, started a YouTube channel last Fall. She won the Most Innovative title, and was trained by Ang Ford, makeup artist.  She said that if she could only use one product for the rest of her life, it would have to be a good moisturizer, because you need to take care of your skin before anything else!

Sabrina, Sabsbeauty, is 16 years old, and wanted to try something new.  She's been on YouTube for 2 years, soon after she discovered her mom's eyeliner and it quickly became her first love.  Her favorite video was her very first one, because she can look back and see how much she's grown, since she didn't know what she was doing but she just wanted to create a video for fun.  She was most excited to be able to meet Scott Barnes this weekend.

Chelsea, BeautyliciousInsider, the youngest competitor at only 14, was the Kinetic Runner Up.  She started wearing mascara in 5th grade, and started playing with eyeshadows in 6th grade.  She'll be entering high school this year.  She was most excited to meet CharismaStar this weekend.

Angie won the Technical Award.  She wanted to be a professional MUA for a really long time, but was never able to afford attending school.  She saw the FACE Awards as an opportunity to officially enter into her new career.  She loved having the challenges of being creative and challenging herself to create new things.  Something she did for the first time due to this competition was to show her full body on camera.  Being plus sized, she was always afraid to show herself on camera, but she was able to come out strong for this competition.

Bethany, Iwanted2c1video, won the Composition Award.  She wanted join because it was a makeup competition with FREE PRODUCTS AND A TRIP TO CALIFORNIA!!!!  She learned her makeup skills from, where else, YouTube videos!  She went through trial and error, watching videos, and learning at home.  Her favorite makeup product are the NYX Jumbo Pencils.


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