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Nov 12, 2008
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Michael Marcus cosmetics is known for giving women ageless beauty, being green, and using natural botanicals.  They are botanically based color.

He loves bright colors, and feels women can use whatever color they want at whatever age.

His products are paraben free and entirely made in the US, mostly manufactured in Texas, where they are based.  He spoke of using luxury ingredients, to give a high quality feel, similar to Dior, YSL, and Chanel.

He has a line of 55 shades of lipsticks made with castor oil (all using the first names of his clients, last names to be kept "secret" unless you can figure them out)

He will be releasing 3 more polish colors in two weeks, with two of the newest colors selling out this weekend.  There will be a brand new denim color coming out this Fall.

15 shades of aloe vera infused foundations, liners, shadows, and more.

He also has a complete line of botanical based skin care, as well as eau de parfums and scented candles.  He pointed out to me his anti aging anti acne blemish control, which won best acne treatment in Fitness Magazine.  It uses strawberry extract to help moisturize instead of dehydrate your skin and help fight blemishes.

Photography Credit: Sal W Hanna


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