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Nov 12, 2008
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Temptu was featuring their pod airbrush set, of course, but they wanted to show us their new Body Camo.  It's a body tanner that fits into the at home pod airbrush kit.  They sold out of their at home pod unit during the show.

Also being sold are their neutralizer wheels (cream color correcting concealers), multi-colored shade kits, which includes 12 colors (including "Pearl" which can be used as a highlighter), and a color adjustor set.  They also had two new bronzers, a matte and a shimmer bronzer.

They are located in El Segundo and offer classes every month at their home studio.  They have 5 types of classes: Introductory Class ($150, which includes up to $150 in product reimbursement), Special Effects ($200, which includes a SFX kit), Bridal ($150, which includes up to $150 in product reimbursement), and Advanced Beauty ($250, which includes up to $150 store credit)

Photography: Sal W Hanna


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