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Jul 21, 2022
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Infertility and problems with conception can be displayed in various forms. Some ways can be instinctive or cultural, can be behavior while having sexual intercourse, malnutrition, endocrinology issues, depression, etc. These issues can lead to problems getting pregnant and should be addressed as early as possible.

The female hormonal cycle covers a twenty eight day period and if both parties are fertile, conception can occur during the woman's menstrual cycle. Though discussed less, men also have hormonal cycles when the sperm quality decreases making it difficult for the woman to fall pregnant.

As men and especially women grow older, infertility issues may increase. Signs of infertility can be confusing but here are a few;

1. Irregular menstrual cycles. Although this can be a sign of infertility, it can also be a sign of overall health problems.
2. Body weight can affect fertility if overweight and also if excessively underweight. These conditions can affect a woman's hormonal balance making it difficult to conceive.
3. Having a twisted ovary or an ovary positioned incorrectly can lead to problems getting pregnant.
4. Endometriosis typically seen during the child bearing ages which usually affects the ovaries, can lead to fertility issues.
5. Fertility levels in men are also affected by obesity.
6. Andropause or male menopause found in some aging men results in signs of menopause such as;
- Hair loss
- Increase in weight especially in the abdominal area
- Overall dryness or wrinkling of the skin
- Decreased libido
- Significant stress
- Erectile dysfunction
- Excessive sweating or hot flushes
- Lack of motivation
- Depression or anxiety

Fortunately, fertility problems can be dealt with holistically. Traditional medicine can be expensive and lead to various unpleasant side effects and it does not usually address the root cause of the problem.

The most common traditional approach to infertility is invitro fertilization. This involves egg cells from the female being removed and fertilized with sperm in a laboratory at a fertility clinic. This approach is not only very expensive but usually results in multiple births.

Holistic approaches to dealing with infertility mainly use Chinese medicines and herbs to address infertility and have shown positive results consistently. Maintaining a proper balanced diet and incorporating the right vitamins in the correct dosages is important. To properly address infertility, a lifestyle change is crucial.

It has been proven that the holistic or natural approach has a much higher success rate in overcoming infertility than traditional medicine.

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