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Mar 5, 2005
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Mods, not sure where to post this, so move it if this is the wrong place.

anyway, I had a swap with someone and she had nothing on her list that I really wanted. She mentioned how she'd been searching for the item on my list and couldnt find it due to it is discontinued. My item was BNIB and cost $24 but I decided to go ahead and swap with her and I chose an item on her list that had been used a couple of times and if brand new, the value was $6.99. I received her end and there were no extras, no thank you note...just the product. I figured 'oh well, those things are nice to do, but not mandatory'.

Yesterday, I received another swap from someone else. The swapper's item is valued at $50 and my end was about $15 less but she said she didnt care. I sent her tons of extras. When I opened her package, I thought I was going to die! aside from the BNIB $50 item she sent me a full size MAC e/l in a LE color; a BN OPI n/p that I'd been lemming; plus nice samples of skincare, lotion, and perfume!!! In my book, this lady is an angel!!!! There are no words for how thrilled I am!!!

Wow! That is amazing. Isn't it nice how many cool people are on here? And some of the nicest deeds are the most random ones. How neat is that? Mention the member's name so she/he can get some recognition!

Nice swap!

awww, that was really sweet, of you and of the person you swapped with. There are definately some really nice people on this board!

Aw good for you, i would have hated if you had been shortchanged

yay for karma!

(btw im gonna move this to the haul thread ok?)

Originally Posted by Marisol /img/forum/go_quote.gif is a wonderful thing. It sure is.Good for you!
WOW!! This is such a corny statement, but people like that give me faith that the world is not completely horrible; that nice people are out there. I worked two sucky jobs this past summer, so I had a low opinion of humanity in general. But stories like yours make me smile.


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