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May 6, 2004
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Hey girls!

Bargain of the week!

Cook book = £20

Ingredients = £10

Getting sacked for "accidentally" releasing the book to the entire planet before it even hits the shelves = PRICELESS!

It seems that someone at Jamie Olivers publishing company sent a word document version of his 2nd book to one of their mates this morning.

Unfortunately for the poor sap who sent the word document, it is now flying around the web at a rate of knots..so have a gander, print what you like AND please spare a thought for the poor guy that originally sent it.

RRP £20 at most participating book stores.

If anyone would like a copy of it, send me a PM with your email & i'll email it to you!

May 19, 2005
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That's so funny! I bet they planned it though, to get publicity and get people excited. What is that saying? Any news is good news as long as the spell the name right, or something like that.

I PMed you!


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