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Oct 14, 2005
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Have you ever thought maybe you are jealous not because you are insecure but because you are selfish?

I know thats the case with me.. I dont want him to enjoy himself at all if it means its without me . I know everyone says love is selfless but I dont think its true , he knows he can trust me and I'm always there for him.

Look on the bright side , atleast you don't live in europe where everyone does the kiss kiss greeting which is not as innocent as it seems

May 17, 2005
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Lakeland, Florida
I understand the jealousy thing. When I was with my ex for 2 years, My best friend was a guy. My bf played a lot of sports, worked a lot etc, so me and this guy hung out a lot. I never understood why my bf got mad. I would say, hey Mike and I are hanging out. He would say, "you are going with that guy again!" really mad. Well I had negative zero interest in dating my friend, we just liked similar stuff and he was nice. My bf once said a friend of mine had big boobs. This girl was gorgeous anyways, so yeah it pissed me off. He also told me about a girl at work that hit on him, told him she wanted a poster of him and put her leg on his desk. I saw her once, she was not cute, but man did she hit on him. He didnt like her at all though. But I did not like it. He was mean to me anyways, I felt like a pile of manure. I was never as pretty as celebrities according to him. The guy I have been dating 4 years got hit on at work, but I actually thought it was sweet. I know he wants me, and he never talks about too much with celebrities. So I think it depends on your level of commitment. Oh, the ex also got mad b/c we broke up and I was with someone else and he saw me out. He cheated on me and got someone pregnant. And he demanded to know who this gyuy was. He got married to a girl who didnt have the child, but bleh thank goodness he is gone.


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