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Feb 5, 2020
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Hey ladies!
I just wanted to share a few moments about de Lumiere de Vie Products! I have super sensitive skin and had lately a lot of allergic reactions to the current in store products of the known store brands, which was pretty sad! As I told a friend of mine about the situation, she told be about the lumiere de vie skin care line and how it changed her skin for the better! Since I’m open to great quality and I was getting sick of having break outs, spots and redness all over - I gave it a try. I bought the lumiere de vie matte moisturizer and what should I say? I’m in love! I ended up buying the facial cleanser too and a serum called lumiere de vie renewal elixier! 
To make a long story short, my skin is baby soft and feels light, the daily moisturizer is not oily at all and is being absorbed right into the skin!

I just wanted to share this, because I had so much skin problems and all I wanted was to feel beautiful and whole, having even looking and shining skin - and Im happy to say found my products!

I believe that those products can help some of you as well, giving you the skin you deserve to feel great and beautiful!

Here is the website: 

Skin Care Products of Lumiere de Vie

Lumiere de Vie Video

I took screenshots for those interest of the products that I talked about ordered online over the website  :)




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