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Jan 10, 2007
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Whether you sock your money away or spend it with Victoria Beckham abandon, one thing is certain: Everybody loves a bargain. And when it comes to your beauty routine, there's nothing better than saving a bundle on the stuff that makes you look sexy. That's especially true if we're talking about hair. Just consider all the luxe temptations: expensive haircuts, flirty highlights, fancy shampoos, exotic straightening treatments — oh, and did we mention fancy blow-dryers and silky hair brushes? Fortunately, you can have all the above (plus more!) without robbing a bank or minting money like the Trump family. We tracked down inexpensive but indulgent ways to save big bucks on every aspect of your hair routine. So bring on the teases and the thrilling extras — your mane is about to look its very best (for much, much less).

Love Your Cut for Longer

When choosing a hairstyle,consider a cut that will look even more gorgeous as it grows out, says stylist Antonio Prieto, owner of Antonio Prieto Salon in NYC. He recommends a midlength do with long, swingy layers that blend together. "The style is soft and romantic, even after weeks and weeks," he notes. Short, choppy shags or pixie cuts, while equally sexy, tend to lose their shape quickly and require serious upkeep — think trims every three to four weeks.

Cheat on Your Stylist a Little

Rather than bouncing between two or more salons to lower costs, visit a senior stylist for your major style change, and maintain trims with a junior stylist at the same salon. "Most juniors have been freshly trained and earned their position on the floor," points out Jeffrey Dauksevich, owner of Umi Salon in Boston. "And in many cases, the junior title is a reflection of the salon's pricing structure, not an indication of a hairdresser's talent."

Do It Yourself

If your salon doesn't offer complimentary touch-ups, you can save money (and travel time) with at-home trims, says Prieto. Ask your hairdresser to give you a quick tutorial next time you're in (trust us, he'd much rather show you a few pointers than have you butcher his work). That said, don't get too scissor-happy. Stick to tiny tweaks, like dusting off split ends or pruning bangs.

Be Careful with Hot Tools

The quickest way to cheapen a great cut? Beating it up with hair dryers, curling irons, and flatirons, says Prieto. "All that intense heat can damage the condition of your hair, making it brittle and frizzy," he notes. So take a 24-hour break in between using styling tools, and never let a dryer's hot nozzle touch your tips (that's the fastest way to create split ends). Also, don't assume that you have to sink large funds into luxe styling tools.

Take Good Care

The reason your hair feels so soft and silky after a salon cut is because it's gotten all that attention. While you can't have a stylist massage your head at home (fantastic as that does sound), you can do a scalp treatment to remove product buildup (just use a toothbrush dipped in baking soda to gently scrub your damp scalp in the shower). Or try a deep-conditioning mask to add shine, like VO5 Fortify and Repair, $3.49.

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Sep 22, 2007
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Thanks for posting that!! I'm going to use those tips!! Not sure about at home trim, I would probably mess it up!!


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