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MAC rococo color story/playboy pink l/s

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Jun 17, 2004
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when i went to the mac counter on monday, the SA gave me a sneak preview of rococo. she swears up and down that courtly (lustre) LE l/s is a dead ringer for playboy pink. its "decorative high toned pink with silver overspray" and i must have it!

another thing to check out is the mineralized e/s. theyre about the same size as the d/c large e/s, and they have a domed shape. she said they are hand formed. she showed me all 5 colors (whim, aristocrat, tres teal, noble, little madame) and tres teal is beautiful. theyre 15 USD.

the mineralized face finish (18.50 USD) didnt much appeal to me, but im sure it will to most. they were very shimmery.

i dont know what the heck you would do with it, but imitation gold leaf metal will be available at counters. (15 USD.)

the collection comes out on 7/22.

A gilded flourish of shades, looks and finishes that echo the rompish, gilded, overly decorated spirit of the original French Rococo. Lips laud it up, shaded and lustred in a coterie of faux-naïve mauves, pinks and soft golds… eyes flash and beguile, masked in Fleur-De-Light and golden tones richly meddled with pearl. Face and skin glow “aristo†in a beautifully precocious strobe and tinted finish. To up the hauteur, decorate the skin with a perfect filigree of gold leaf. Haughty… but at heart, royally soft and beautiful. This is the art, soul and cheek of Rococo. Go for Baroque!

Mineralize Eye Shadow – NEW! ($15 USD/$18 CDN)

A pearled, sheer mineral eye shadow. Baked powder allows for exceptionally sheer and lightweight application. Formula builds colour without heavy coverage. Super-fine pearl provides soft shimmer on skin. Provides dimension with an overly frosted look. Can be worn on face, eyes and body. Great for all skin types.

Whim – Purple-blue blend (LIMITED)

Aristocrat – Taupe high frosted mauve (LIMITED)

Tres Teal – True blue teal with yellow gene (LIMITED)

Noble – High frosted bronze gold (LIMITED)

Little Madame – Little pink fluffed with white (LIMITED)

Mineralize Facefinish – NEW! ($18.50 USD/$22 CDN)

An exceptionally luxurious, shimmering baked mineral powder

for face and body. The baked formula allows for exceptionally

sheer and light application and is for wet/dry use. It builds

colour and produces a shimmer effect without heavy coverage.

It has a super-fine pearl base, varied with larger pearl veins

and fine glitter particles that combine to add sensual shimmer

and subtle colour on the skin, giving dimension without an

overly frosted look.

Pleasureflush – Skin-pleasing flush of golden pink (LIMITED)

Shimpagne – Vintage gold gilded beige (LIMITED)

Gold Deposit – Soft reflective golden-bronze (LIMITED)

Strobe Cream Tint – NEW! ($14 USD/$17 CDN)

A sheer tinted complexion enhancing cream that creates an

optical effect on the skin and a luminous look.

Contains vitamins such as A and E and skin nutrients

that recharge and nourish the skin, while simultaneously

protecting it from environmental aggression. Leaves skin

feeling fresh and smooth.

Pulse Pink – Pink upped with gold and bronze (LIMITED)

Flash Gold – Highly decorated golden bronze (LIMITED)

Forged Bronze – Gorgeously faked copper-bronze (LIMITED)


Courtly – Decorative high-toned pink with silver overspray (Lustre / LIMITED)

Lovedust – Gilded gold yellow beige (Matte / LIMITED)

Pompadorable – muted lavender with pink-silver overspray (Lustre / LIMITED)

Rococo – Rococo orangey-peach with gold-bronze (Lustre / LIMITED)


So Baroque – Baroquely orange bronze fusion (Frost / LIMITED)

Fleur De Light – Light frenched-up pink (Frost / LIMITED)

Cavalier – Beguilingly dirty mauve (Frost / LIMITED)

Lip Pencil

Plum – Muted brown plum (EXISTING)

Oak – Noble soft beige-brown (EXISTING)

Fibre Rich Lash

All Black – Deeply beguiling black (EXISTING)

Leaf Metal ($15 USD/$18.50 CDN)

Imitation Gold


192 Face/Cheek Brush (EXISTING) – Soft, firm, flat pladdle-shaped synthetic fibre brush to apply emollient-based face products

252 Large Shader Brush (EXISTING) – Soft, firm, square-shaped with slightly rounded edges. Goat brush used to apply eye powder, ideal for use with Gold Leaf.

187 Stippling Brush (NEW!) – An unusual combination of shorter, ultra soft nautral bristles forming a support structure for longer, feather-soft fibre optic bristles. Produces an amazingly light and airy application of powders to the face and body. Gives an especially beautiful application of new Mineralize Facefinish. ($40USD / $48 CDN)