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Jun 5, 2012
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It is overwhelming having oily skin especially during summer days I have that problem, I been trying colorstay but during the summer it doesn't work as well as it does during winter, i also have sensitive skin as well and the only thing I see with this foundation is that it matches my skin tone but it doesnt provide full-coverage:( and I need to cover some imperfections, a good foundation powder is MAC fix but right now I can't afford it, I heard about matte mouse and color stay whipped cream foundation for full coverage suitable for oily skin also MILANI if anyone knows if these products work please let me know. I also use milk of magnesia which it works wonderfully but I can't use it everyday on my skin because I have sensitive skin and it tends to overdry my sking creating dry red patches:-( I need help 911) any suggestions will be kindly appreciated



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Feb 28, 2008
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Quite frankly there is only so much you can do for oily skin. Nothing will keep it matte all day. Do you keep oil blotting sheets on hand? They are a must for us oily skinned people.

I have used Milani's The Multitasker powder and it does help keep down the amount of times I have to blot. MAC's Pro Longwear foundation is my foundation for hotter days when I know I will be oilier. I have not tried any mattifying primers, but I might try the Make Up For Ever one.

May 20, 2012
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i'm still on the hunt for a mattifying/oil control primer that actually works though i read a great review of the mattifier from Murad so i may hunt that down.

i use a make up setting powder from tarte and then setting spray from UD which helps, but i still have blotting tissues on me at all times. i get the $1 tissues from E.L.F. at Target.


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